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Maternity photoshoot

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Doing a maternity photoshoot in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

It is always tricky for me to photograph other photographers or videographers. It is like they know what you are doing from the start.

So you can play it safe and deliver what is expected or, you can use that little fear to get creative and surprise them with a 'WOW I didn’t see that coming'.

Corrie and Francesco are another beautiful mix created in this wonderful place, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

A Canadian girl and an Italian-Dominican football fan. They have spent the last few years traveling and photographing the world. Sharing their passion for traveling, photography, and especially, each other's company.

By the way, you can check the amazing places they have been right here.

Now they are back and became parents to a beautiful little guy, Leo. Congratulations guys, you look SO happy!

We were planning the maternity photoshoot for a while. When we were ready for it the quarantine came along and got us all at home.

A couple of weeks before Leo arrived we said 'OK, is now or never!'.

First, we didn’t want to make Corrie go around too much or far from home cause, well, we know why, right?

We decided to do it inside the gated community we all live in. Started at their backyard. Having fun and doing what they do best: loving and enjoying each other.

After Corrie went back home to change her outfit they day went a bit cloudy, but that didn’t stopped us and it shouldn’t stop you either.

If it gets cloudy or rains or is too hot or there is not much time. Don’t worry, trust your photographer and enjoy the process, it will work. We will make it work together.

In my last post I said that fun and laughter are the recipes for amazing photographs. And here I will show it to you again.

Thank you guys again for so many laughs and a good time. Welcome little Leo, you are gonna enjoy your parents so much.

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