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Destination wedding in Cabrera Dominican Republic.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Punta Cana is well known around the world for you to have your destination wedding. It is indeed a beautiful place, but is not the only gem this country has to offer.

Up to the northeast of the island, a 5 hours drive from Punta Cana, is Cabrera. One, if not, MY favorite place in Dominican Republic. A little, quiet but beautiful town. Don't let that fool you because the villas over there are simply amazing. Perfectly position on the cliffs with a fantastic view of the Atlantic ocean. Oh and btw when the time of the year is right the whales get close enough for you to say hi. In there you, your family and friends will feel ( and be pampered ) as rock stars, or as Mer and Daniel said ¨celebrities¨.

Driving to Cabrera to meet Mer and Daniel for their wedding weekend I had a rollercoaster of emotions all together. After 7 months of lockdown and no weddings I was excited to say the least.

But again 7 months can make you second guess everything right? I felt honoured that they trusted me to capture their whole adventure. On the way there I started to feel anxious, then the feeling changed to completely terrified. What if I mess up? did I forget something back home? Do I still know how to shoot weddings? The pressure was building up.

When I got to the villa I was amazed on how beautiful everything looked and to see what a major event it was going to be so I was about to collapse, I kept my cool though. Then I met these AMAZING and humble couple and everything went back to normal just like that. I remembered why I do what I do. Is for them. Their memories are more important than my fears and they deserve my full potential so my inner self said ¨suck it up buddy¨.

Mer and Daniel indeed looked like celebrities but their hearts are so humble and loving that made me feel like a close friend from the first moment, can't thank you enough for that guys. Their family and friends were so welcoming and fun that indeed felt like being around my own people.

The first night they had a rehearsal dinner at the beach with a bonfire and a belly dancer show, O.M.G! They weared a Marroquin themed dress that would blow your mind, designs, colors, everything was off the hook. And party, this guys certainly know how to break down the dance floor.

The wedding day was a white color themed, the weather was great, oh and yes, they had a fireworks show at night right before the 2nd party started. The food was delicious, the decoration flawless and their sunrise photoshoot was simply perfect.

Their pictures came out fantastic and real, showing them as they truly are, free and in love.

Infinity thumbs up to the whole team that made this fairytale came to life:

Venue: Villa Tres Amarras. Guys it was a dream working with you.

Wedding coordinator: Wilvia Medina from Underthesundr. The love you have for your couples is known from here to the moon, thank you.

Hair Stylist: Ryann Marie. You and Chris ( and little Santiago ) own my heart always.

Mer and Daniel, I can't thank you enough guys for trusting and letting me be a part of your magical day.



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