• Christian Stern

Ryann & Chris wedding at Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Let’s start with an Oorah!!!

Chris is a Baltimore military man, a retired marine but you know the saying, right? Once a marine, always a marine. He is a perfect mix of right on time personality and dancing heart. That’s his USA and Dominican heritage playing their parts.

Ryann is an amazingly talented hairstylist, makeup artist, wedding and event planner from Richmond who found and fell in love with a little piece of paradise on the Northeast coast of the Dominican Republic called Cabrera. Believe me, it is heaven on earth.

13 years ago they met in DC and their fairytale began. In 2015 they moved to Cabrera and started a company from scratch to help people with their getaways, weddings, road trips, you name it they do it.

They are a perfect match made in heaven. A love as transparent and warm as the way they treat people, I am a first-hand witness of that.

Their wedding was a 3-day experience in one of the most luxurious parts of the world and yes, it is the place they call home now - Cabrera. It was at Amanera Resort.

I will never find words to describe how you made me feel and either to tell you how honored, grateful and happy you, guys, made me by letting me be part of the day.

Anything you ask my answer will always be Sir, YES sir.

May your love and happiness light up the lives of others as it did with mine on those 3 amazing days.

With Love and Gratitude,

Chris Stern.

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