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Christy & Javi at the secluded beach by the river Maimón, Punta Cana

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Love in the time of the Curfew: how does a couple photoshoot look like during the lockdown?

While waiting for Punta Cana, and basically the Dominican Republic itself, reopening, we took a chance to go on an outdoor couple photo session to shake off the quarantine routineness.

Things seem to never be the same. At least, that is what they say. The fun of being with friends, loved ones, doing what you love. Of course, with all the necessary precautions: keeping the distance, wearing masks and being properly stocked with hand sanitizer. By the way, wear the d*ng mask, people!

Frankly, not a rule or restriction could and would make any difference for us that day. Because, how do they say it? República Dominicana lo tiene todo. It indeed has enough of those hidden photographable places. And I thank the island for that.

Before that day, we had gone scouting locations throughout Punta Cana and its surroundings with my buddies and hit upon this place on the way to well-known Macao beach. It was perfect for a couple photoshoot. And the day we got together with the two passionate birds, which Javy and Christy are, for a day of pictures and laughter, all had already been set. We went straight there and found ourselves alone. Nothing more to ask.

We left the stressing news to keep circulating all over the big fat web at home, without us, hopped in the car with only cameras and good vibes and escaped the reality. Little kiss over here, little jump over there, but most of all the laughs around. Thank you, guys, for a wonderful day.

Come what may we always find a way!

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