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Alissa & Sebastian at Playa Esmeralda

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Photoshoot in Punta Cana.

Sebastian and me we go way back. Almost a decade.

He was my very first photographer when I was in charge of a photography studio on a resort in Punta Cana.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Living here in Punta Cana for almost 9 years now. He is a very artistic photographer and a creative hairstylist. But most of all he is a beautiful human being.

You can check his work here Sebastian Bas.

A few years back he met Ali and boy ohh boy he freaking got even better. She brings out something in him I never saw before. She is from Denver, Colorado, fan of football ( so am I ) and together we got him into it too. High five Ali!!

She is a children's tutor and a writer for an awesome photographer here in Punta Cana as well. You know when two people just click? A great fit? Well they do. Their days are full of laughter and love and don’t forget the big smile they always share with everybody.

For Alissa & Sebastian photoshoot in Punta Cana we did a little runaway 45 minutes from Punta Cana area to a secluded beach called Esmeralda, in Miches. As I suspected they both shined in front of the camera like they were born for it. It looked like I wasn’t even there lol. Thank you guys for the wonderful afternoon but most of all for your friendship.

I look forward to many more years of laughter and a few cold beers.

Cheers Love you guys.

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