Recent love adventures

Family photo shoot
in Madrid, Spain

Did a little escape to the beautiful city of Madrid, and met with this beautiful family that reminded me that unity and love is not scripted, It's felt.


Family photo shoot
in Alicante, Spain

Getting to know new people, and for them to let me in their lives and story, is something I will never take for granted.

Intimate Wedding at Amanera, Cabrera

This wedding has such an important place in my heart. Not because of the trust this amazing people put on me, but cause they showed me that love has NO limits. You guys own my heart forever.


Romantic beach wedding
At Dominican Republic

I have never felt before like I was shooting a wedding for celebrities. Until I did Mer and Daniel's wedding. And not cause of the fancy stuff, but for the admiration and pride their friends and family had for them. I love you guys till the end.