Ava & Armard

Wedding at Cabrera


The MUST for choosing your wedding photographer.


When you are in the search of hiring a wedding photographer there are a few things you have in mind.


The photography style is one thing you are looking for, cause it has to resonate with you right? 


The budget and the photographer’s offer is what you need and can afford?. Weddings can get pretty expensive ( little tip: they don’t have to ) . I will share a post regarding this topic for you soon. 


That he/she understands your vision of the big DAY is important too. I would say SUPER important!


But, after being your wedding photographer for 11 years there is one thing I’ve learned. One detail that makes all of the above irrelevant.  


CONNECTION!!! Doesn’t sound important huh? It certainly is. 


Might be that finding your wedding photographer is hard, just being honest with you, but I have good news for you, it doesn't need to be overwhelming. You know why? YOU will know who your wedding photographer is. Just like you knew when you met your person. You two were vibing so high. 


BUT if there is no connection, believe me, you won't hire them. We humans LOVE to feel connected. We love to buy from people, we want to deal with other humans. 


Doesn't it happen to you that when you call any company, you always want to talk to a real person instead of following the bot instructions? 


When you feel the connection with them, you will love their photography style, you will play around your budget to get them, their offer will be the perfect fit for you. 


From our first chat with Ava and Armard for their wedding I knew we were a match. It felt natural and the result was EPIC!!!. Take a look.